Moteros del Sol - Motorradtouren in Andalusien

Almeria City and Surroundings

Almeria, ist the capital and harbour city of the province of the same name. The province of Almeria constitutes the eastern part of the autonomic region of Andalucia and Almeria city is located in the heart of a wide open bay to the Mediterranean sea (gulf of Almeria) in South East Spain.

Framed to the East by the natural park Cabo de Gata, to the North by the Sierra Alhamilla mountains and the Sierra de Gador mountains, as well as to the East by the well known green house vegetable city of El Ejido, which provides all of Europe and all year round with tomatoes, peppers etc. .  

Almeria belongs to the „Al Andalus“ region, known as those parts of the Iberian Peninsula dominated by the Moorish Califats/Emirates and the Taifa Kingdoms between 711 and 1492. That is why the cityscape is dominated by the huge Moorisch castle, the second biggest - after the Alhambra – all over Andalucia. The reign of the Moors came to an end with the conquist of of Granada1492 by the catholic Kings, Isabella of Castilla and Ferdinand the II. of Aragon and the expulsion of the last moorish monarch XII/Boabdil.

Besides a lot of little narrow streets with a lot of Tapas Bars, the Rambla which has been converted into shadowy and pleasant park, the Paseo Maritimo which starts right in the city on the beach, Almeria has a big ferry harbour with daily connections to Algeria and Morocco.



Moteros del Sol - Motorradtouren in Andalusien A lot of people know Almeria without having actually been there. Just 20 Kms from Almeria city begins the desert of Tabernas. Is is the sole continental desert in Europe and has become internationally famous foremost due to the motion pictures produced there the 60’s and 70’s.

In particular the so called „Spaghetti Western“ and Sergio Leone directed movies, such as „For a Fistful of Dollars“, „The Good, the Bad and the ugly“, „Once Upon a Time In The West” „Django“, but also “Cleopatra”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Indiana Jones and the last Crusade” and recently the “Shoe of the Manitou” were produced here.

The former movie sceneries can still be visited today and offer also in winter time Westernshows. The Highlight of Biketours in Andalusia/Almeria is the Cabo de Gata region, which as a natural park is probably one of the very few remaining completely natural and unspoilt coastal areas of Spain exhibiting wonderful, virgin and wild beaches.

Moteros del Sol - Motorradtouren in Andalusien

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Above all the biker will be interested in the mountain ranges which rise just behind the coast line. The differences in altitude which can be reached here within a short distance are unique in continental Europe. From the beach to the telescopes of the European observatory/Calar Alto located at 2.160m on the top of the Sierra de Filabres it will barely take you ¾ of an hour when driving steadily.

Moteros del Sol - Motorradtouren in Andalusien All of the interior of Almeria province is characterized by succeeding mountain ranges, including just behind the coast line the Sierra de Alahmilla, followed by the Sierra de Filabres, Sierra de Gádor, and to the North West the Sierra de Baza, to the North East the Sierra de Maria. In the neighbouring province of Granada the Alpujarras are a very attractive and authentic mountain area to visit. They constitute the Southern slope of the high mountain range of Sierra Nevada. Sierra Nevada itself with the Mulhacen exhibits the highest peak of the Iberian Peninsula.

Once you leave the coastal areas you will find yourself surrounded by untouched nature which in the lower levels is formed by karst landscapes and grown with wild macchia. Climbing up to higher levels, you will encounter vast pine woods, cork and chestnut trees.







Within Europe the province of Almeria is the place which offers most hours of sun (3,000/year) and a yearly average temperature of 19ºC. There’s very limited rainfall. For the biker this means that almost all year round ideal motorcycling conditions. Except for the month of July/August, when 38ºC and more and despite summer gear, will have the driver loose more sweat than his bike consumes fuel.

Full bike season starts in October and will last until mid June. In October/November the temperatures will still reach 28ºC. The temperature of the Mediterranean Sea will still reach 20ºC in November. In particular January can be very nice, calm month with little winds and day temperatures of up to 25ºC.March and April may be somewhat more unstable, and sporadic rainfall may occur, which in the interior and above 1,300 m. may fall in the form of snow. The temperatures in Almeria city will then still achieve 15-20ºC, while in the interior temperatures may fall below 10ºC and even frost may occur.










All over Andalusia, in particular in the provinces of Almeria and Granada, there’s a big tradition of Tapas. I In Almeria and Granada this means that one will get together with each glass of beer/wine a little dish which is already included in the beverage’s price and thus will not have to be paid extra. In the traditional Tapas taverns (some being a family business for more than 8 generations, e.g. you may find up to 20 different dishes to choose from. Besides seafood (calamares, chipirones – fried baby squids), fish (jibia, sardinas, boquerones), meat/sausages (lomo, chorizo, morcilla...), there are regional specialities such as salmorejo (a very tasty gazpacho enrichend with milled almonds) or migas (pasta made of short pastry). Often with 3 little beers you will have had a complete dinner.

The time of the meals is changed in comparison to Central Europe. The real breakfast is taken during a morning brake between 10.00 – 11.00 in a Coffee-shop and often consists of slice of toasted bread furnished with a tasty paste of tomatoes and a milk coffee, which coffee, similar to Italy, in general is a lot stronger than the coffee used in Central Europe. Lunch will take place between 14.30 and 16.00 and dinner often is eaten between 21.30 -23.00. Restaurants on the coast are rather in the upper price segment (15-25€ main plates), in the little villages of the interior, you may however still find three course meals below 10 €.






Mountain & Bike

Those who would like to relax their bones, may do so in a fine authentic andalusian country-house/cortijo , which is currently being restored and is owned by ourselves. The finca is located in the mountains of the Sierra Alhamilla, just a 50min. drive away from Almeria city center, outlying in wonderful nature.

As you like you can explore the area with mountain bikes, do some trekking, have fun on mountain boards or get in contact with traditional longbow archery (including a continuously growing 3D animal target course).

The cortijo will offer self catering accommodation for up to 8 persons in two sleeping rooms and will feature all necessary sanitary installations and a kitchen. The finca extends from 600m altitude to 1300m and the arrival will be done by off-road cars on country lanes (you can also get there with Enduro motorcycles, not however with street bikes. The next village is about 15 kms away, so this resort is nothing for disco and lounge amateurs, but ideal for those who look for absolute tranquillity in a marvellous surrounding