Moteros del Sol - Motorradtouren in Andalusien


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Travelling with yor own bike is the greatest fun. One is most familiar with his/her own bike, all operations are correct by mere intuition, man/woman and bike are one, which allows us a maximum enjoyment of the route and the surrounding nature in a safe manner. So the offer is that at the end of the bike season in central Europe, say in the period beginning October and ending mid November, during a Spain Cross Country Tour, which will start either in the South of France or the Northwest of Spain, the bike will be driven down to the South of Spain for the winter season, thereby combining the useful with pleasure.

Who desires, naturally also can do the following Autumn/Spring Tours to/from Almeria as a roundtrip tour and then travel back to England.

The size of the group is limited to a maximum of six bikes + guide. The daily legs of about 300 Km due to the demanding route on the side roads require a good fitness and some experience with bike-travel. For those who for the first time drive long legs with their bike, the tour can be prolonged for 1-2 days at their discretion, thus shortening the daily legs.

Instead of the Narbonne – Almeria –Narbonne Tours, the tour can start in Northwest Spain, e.g. the harbours of Santander or Bilbao. The itinerary of the tour will then substantially follow the Northern Spain tour description (see below).




Narbonne - Almeria

Moteros del Sol - Motorradtouren in Andalusien

The tour starts in Narbonne (1 st choice) or Avignon (2 nd choice), Southeast France, it being understood, that the bikers organize their arrival to Narbonne themselves. Starting in Narbonne we’ll drive to southern Spain on little side roads in at least 5 legs (approx.


Day 1 Narbonne - St. Lary
Along never ending, little winding roads we will cross the fascinating land of the castles of the Cathars to arrive on the slope of the southern france Pyrenees in the Department Arriège.
Day 2 St. Lary- Alcaniz
Across the Pyrenees, some of the Tour de France passes and the beautiful Aran valley we will swing up to the 2.000m high and with the Spaniard very popular winter resort, Baqueira. Then we’ll glide down the fruitful valley to Lleida and finally along the riverbeds of the Ebro river we will arrive at our today’s leg destiny in Aragón.
Day 3 Alcaniz-Utiel
Always in the authentic and untouched interior, passing a multitude of wonderful, medevial villages, where already in the 11th century „El Cid“, the Spanish national hero was a guest, we drive across high plains and various mountain passes of the sparsely populated province of Teruel to our today’s leg destiny, a vineyard next to Utiel, in the province of Valencia
Day 4 Utiel- Caravaca
Across the vastness of the Castilla La Mancha region we follow the horizon always further down to the south, and the province of Murcia, where at the end of an impressive day we will encounter a breathtaking, little road winding up a steep forest to our today’s lodging next to an ancient cloister. This route is used for the national mountain car race competitions.
Day 5 Caravaca-Almeria
On the last day of our trip we’ll cruise along the mountain range of the Sierra del Gigante, via Velez Rubio and the demanding mountain roads of the Sierra de Filabres towards our final destination Almeria with the expectation to get some tasty Tapas, which we’ll enjoy so much more after all the curves of the past days
Day 6 Ausspannen in Almeria
Today is dedicated to relaxing or a little tour around Almeria. For those who have chosen „Winterbiking“ and will now travel back home, their bike will be transferred to the safe parking space.

Day 7 Rückreise nach Deutschland
Transfer to the airport of departure, respectively return journey organised by oneself.

The Tour can be individualized/prolonged at the guest’s discretion.
Those who do not decide to take the „Winterbiking“, nor the complete Spainroundtrip-Tour, can undertake some Almeria-Tours, before returning to their hometown on their own.






Once arrived at Almeria, you can choose to take advantage of the Winterbiking.
Your bike then parks all winter long in a dry and secure garage in Almeria.
The bikers travel back home by plane departing from either of the airports of Almeria/Malaga/Alicante until their early return and some Winterbiking in the sun of Andalucia.

The bikers, as their time and purse permits, should then, taking advantage of the airline’s cheap winter offers, fly over to Almeria - several times,
even for a long weekend, to enjoy some sunny Almeria Tours with their own bike. Thus you will not only charge your bike’s batteries but also your own.
As of mid March you will drive back your bike to your hometown, taking advantage of a guided Springtour.


Bilbao/Santander – Almeria

For those who prefer to arrive e.g. from the UK by ferry at any of the harbours of Bilbao or Santander, I’m happy to provide and organise the following guided tours down to the very south to Almeria.

1st Option: Bilbao/Santander – Almeria more direct route:

This trip will start in the Basque country /Bilbao or Cantabria/Santander It will take 4-5 days and the daily routes will not exceed 280 Kms. The itinerary will combine some of the highlights of the Northern Spain Tour and the Narbonne-Almeria Tours.

Day 1 Arrival and tour start towards the beautiful middle age village of Santillana del Mar and a visit to the nearby, world famous caves of Altamira with its incredible prehistoric paintings.
Day 2 The Rioja vineyards with a wine tasting in the oldest Rioja wine bodega “Marques de Riscal”.
Day 3 Via Soria and some breathtaking mountain passes, we will visit another spectacular middle age village – Siguenza - in the Guadalajarra region.
Day 4 Through the Castilla la Mancha region we will drive towards the Mountain Range of Cazorla and Segura which hosts Spain’s biggest national park with vast forests, lakes and refreshing rivers.
Day 5 A ride through the Jaen olive oil region and the mountain ranges of the Sierra de Filabre, already next to the Coast of Almeria, will bring us to our destination.
Day 6 Relaxing in Almeria. Today is dedicated to relaxing or a little tour around Almeria. For those who have chosen „Winterbiking“ and will now travel back home, their bike will be transferred to the safe parking space.
Day 7 Return Journey to the hometown. Transfer to the airport of departure, respectively return journey organised by oneself.

2nd Option: Bilbao/Santander – Almeria longway route:

This trip will again start in the Basque country/Bilbao or Cantabria/Santander. It will take 5-6 days and the daily routes will not exceed 280 Kms.

Day 1 At the beginning following the arrival we will again drive towards the beautiful middle age village of Santillana del Mar and the famous caves of Altamira.
Day 2 Further to the west we will enter the region of the “Picos de Europa”, a rather unknown mountain range with more than 160 peaks exceeding 2000m. altitude and just some 25 km from the Atlantic coast.
Day 3 After some fabulous mountain rides we will go on to Leon with its impressive gothic cathedral.
Day 4 Down to the south we will drive through Castilla León towards Avila, crossing several beautiful and intact medieval towns, e.g. Medina del Campo and Tordesillas. A visit to Spain’s enchanting and highest provincial capital Avila (1,131 mts) with the finest preserved medieval walls in all Europe.
Day 5 We continue our way through the mountains of the Sierra de Gredos and further along the Tajo river to the historic center of Toledo, picturesquely sited on a hill. Following a visit to Toledo’s cathedral with its incredible “El Greco”paintings we will arrive at our today’s destination in a little village just south of Toledo.
Day 6 The trip continues across the vastness of the Castilla la Mancha region via the world’s largest expanse of vineyards towards Valdepeñas and further on to the northern part of the natural park Sierre de Cazorla and Segura to the little mountain village of Segura de Sierra, our today’s destination.
Day 7 The last day we will cross all of the natural park and across the impressive mountain street of the Puerto de Tiscar we will drive towards the Sierra de Filabres with its never ending narrow mountain roads and already next to the Coast of Almeria, we will arrive at Almeria.
Day 8 Relaxing in Almeria. Today is dedicated to relaxing or a little tour around Almeria. For those who have chosen „Winterbiking“ and will now travel back home, their bike will be transferred to the safe parking space.
Day 9 Return Journey to the hometown. Transfer to the airport of departure, respectively return journey organised by oneself.




Almeria - Narbonne

Beginning mid of March the Springtours from Almeria to the south of France/Narbonne can start with the for example the following itinerary. The final route depends on the clima conditions (eventual snow on the high plains/mountain ranges in the interior).

Day 1 Arrival at Almeria and preparation of the bikes for the tour to the north.
Day 2 Almeria-Cazorla
Starting in Almeria we will head northwest, across the mountains of the Sierra de Filabte towards Baza. Through the beautiful pine forest of the marvellous Puerto de Tiscar, we will come to the entrance of the Sierra de Cazorla, the biggest natural park in Spain, which we will cross entirely from south to north.
Day 3 Cazorla-Albarracin
Across the endless vastness of the Castilla la Mancha region we will continue to the city of Cuenca which with its houses hanging on the rocks above the river Jucár and huécar rivers resembles an eagle's nest. From there we will drive a final slalom to Alabarracin, an ancient, completely intact, medieval town, our today's destiny.
Day 4 Albarracin - Tortossa
Today we will drive across the high plains of the Teruel region towards the castle roads of the Maestrazgo, where Spain's national hero "El Cid" faught together with and against moors. From there we will come to the city of Tortosa which is picturesquely sited on the riverbanks of the Ebro where we will spend the night.
Day 5 Tortossa - Villafranca del Pendes
Along the Ebro riverbanks we head north towards the famous vineyards of the Pendes region where the sparkling wines Freixnet, Cordoniu and little brands are produced. We will spent the night at wine farm, where the owners will provide us a tasty dinner made of their own grown products.
Day 6 Villafranca del Pendes - Port Vendres
Taking the highway we will fast let Barcelona behind us and will turn off to the natural park of Montseny exploring some of the finest biker roads of Catalonia. We will continue further up north towards the rise of the Pyrenees, before we again join the coast near Figueras. Always along the wonderful winding road of the Cap Creux we will enter France where shortly after the border we arrive at our today's destiny at Port Vendres.
Day 7 Port Vendres - Narbonne
Well rested we will roll down the last few kilometers through the Languedoc vineyards to Narbonne, where the route will finish. The bikers will themselves organize their travel back home from Narbonne.

The lodgments used during the tour are in general, little, charming country guest houses, all of which have been visited by myself, some several times, and which in my opinion provide a decent service and are located in culturally interesting and scenic areas. During the daily legs some time remains to visit several of the places of cultural interest and ancient monuments (e.g. Alcaniz/Morella/Mirambel).




Almeria - Santander/Bilbao

The Spring Tours to Santander/Bilbao will in principle and at the biker's discretion be that variant of the Autumn tour not chosen by the bikers for their earlier ride down to the south (i.e. as the case may be the more direct or longway route, see above under Autumn Tours) but now from the south to the north.
Naturally it is also possible to share parts of the Almeria - Narbonne trip and thus get to known to different but as fascinating landscapes and villages.

Day 1 Arrival at Almeria and preparation of the bikes for those who had chosen the Winterbiking.
Day 2 and Day 3. Until the picturesque village of Albarracín in the Teruel province you will have the same route as to Narbonne (see above).
Day 4 Thereafter we will turn left in direction to Soria passing some fabulous mountain ridges.
Day 5 We will continue further towards the perfectly preserved middle age city of Laguardia, near Logroño, the capital of the surrounding beautiful Rioja vineyards with the obligatory wine tasting.
Day 6 Further on north through the interior mountains of the Basque country with its deep canyons towards Bilbao/Santander, where we will spend the last night at a farm just above the Deba river delta with a spectacular view to the Sea and a traditional dinner made by the owners from ingredients nearly all made at their farm. You will love this place!
Day 7 Transfer to the harbours of Bilbao/Santander and ferry trip back home.






Following the Autumn tour, individual travel to Almeria respectively as as part of the Winterbiking one can explore the province of Almeria on site either through self guided tours or one day/several days tours guided by myself along the Mediterranean coast and/or the mountain ranges of the interior. It is also possible to relax at one of the fabulous beaches, do a tour in Almeria city or enjoy a combined 1-2 day cultural trip to Granada. The Highlight of Biketours in Andalusia/Almeria is the Cabo de Gata region, which as a natural park is probably one of the very few remaining completely natural and unspoilt coastal areas of Spain exhibiting wonderful, virgin and wild beaches.

Biketours in Andalusia/Almeria in particular fascinate due to the mountains which rise right behind the coast line. The differences in altitude you can find here are possibly unique in all of continental Europe. In Almeria from the beach/sealevel to the telescope of the European observatory/Calar Alto, which is located at 2.160 m above sealevel, it will take you less than ¾ of an hour at an easy driving mode. The whole of the interior of the province of Almeria is characterised by successive mountain ranges, comprising in first coast line the Sierra de Alahmilla, then the Sierra de Filabres, Sierra de Gádor, to the Northwest the Sierra de Baza, to the Northeast the Sierra de Maria.

In the neighboring province of Granada the Alpujarras are a very attractive and authentic mountain area to visit. They constitute the Southern slope of the high mountain range of Sierra Nevada. Sierra Nevada itself with the Mulhacen exhibits the highest peak of the Iberian Peninsula. The sportive drivers can find a car and motorbike racing circuit, the "Circuito de Almeria", (, just a 45 Km drive from Almeria city center. Often national bike race days take place hear. In wintertime due to then still mild clima the circuit is used by all big carmakers and tyre manufacturers to test their products.